Subscribe: iTunes: Beatport: Buy the Acoustic Photographic Book with CD & DVD: Click here now to subscribe to Above & Beyond: An elegant, acoustic interpretation of the original, with stirring strings and poignant vocals from Zoë Johnston , "Love Is Not Enough" Acoustic perfectly captures the bittersweet beauty of intense, but ultimately unsuccessful relationships and was one of the standout tracks of the night at the Porchester Hall shows. "'Love Is Not Enough" is a song from the heart about the challenges in a relationship that can arise outside of a core feeling of love for someone. Love is not enough to be with someone - a relationship needs to work day to day." Jono Grant, Above & Beyond The Above & Beyond Acoustic film will premiere on THUMP Friday, Jan 24th 9PM GMT / 4PM EST. Pre-order the album now with an instant download of "Love Is Not Enough." ‪‬ ‪‬ ‪‬ ‪‬ ‪‬ ‪‬

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